Unlocking The Power Of Prayer

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Sometimes, prayer feels more like a duty than a delight. But what if it was never meant to be like that And what if Gods plan is for His power, to transform this world, through our prayer Well, what if
So many people pray. Sometimes, as a last resort. Other times, as a duty. But how many ever discover the sheer wonder and delight of prayer

How many ever unlock the power of prayer in their lives The power of God to transform their lives The power of God, to transform this aching world through them

My passion in writing this book is to share with you the simple truth from Gods Word, that an intimate and powerful prayer life is open to each one of us. Not as the exception, but as the norm. Because prayer that yields powerful results is normal in God's sight

And my prayer is that as this wondrous truth unfolds through the pages of this book, the Holy Spirit would write it on your heart and powerfully use it to transform your life for His glory.